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Dr. Mark,rider photo

Your boot camp was one of the most fun weekends of riding that James had all year. A ton of ride time, great instruction and we both made many new friends. After the MX and EnduroX tracks on Sunday his confidence was brimming higher than I have ever seen and James now looks up to David Gassin and Brian Sperle as role models on and off the track which I think is just great. James is already asking when is the next class?

Thank you for helping my son become a better rider.

Sean Tenant (Proud Dad) of #877 Cobra 65 kid
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"After two weekends at Motodoc Bootcamp, I am more confident than ever on my bike. The fundamentals come into play every time I ride, and the improvement has been exponential. I am really looking forward to next year's camp."

Kim S.
Dr. Mark,rider photo

Excellent choice on instructors both Brain and David (and yourself) were really easy to work with and able to convey all of the items they were trying to help us out with. The track at Sapiago is pretty amazing for a beginner such as myself, nothing at the track feels sketchy, dangerous or out of my league and it still looks like the fast guys have fun riding the track too.

Paying attention to my body position and riding techniques instead of just trying to mash the throttle harder and sooner has helped my riding in more ways than I could have guessed. I crash less (read as: I spend less money on replacement parts), I have more energy to ride longer, I have more fun, and I’m faster than I was at the beginning of the summer. This class has helped me confirm what the guy who got me into riding always told me ”riding is 90% rider 10% bike”.


Dr. Mark,rider photo

The boys and myself would be interested in any dates you have for classes for next season. They had a blast, as did I. They would rather come up to camp out and train with you than go racing actually! I think we all benefited from the training and the seat time and would continue to do so in future classes. Thanks A lot!

Keith S.
Hey Dr. Mark,rider photo

I can’t begin to tell you how happy Sharon, Tim and myself are after attending a couple boot camps this summer. Sharon has a new found confidence and Tim dosnt struggle nearly as much as used to. Now we can actually go on a family trail ride and enjoy the ride instead of spending the day dealing with one struggle after another. We will see you next year and hope to have Timmy on a 100 by then.

Thanks for everything!

Moto Doc,

You kicked my ass! I have never been so sore after a week end of riding, but realized how being a lazy rider was holding me back. I actually feel like a different person on the bike now!!! No more lousy pictures for me!! LOL From now on posture posture posture!!!!!


Bill E.