Rider Development Site

Dr. Mark’s (aka TheMotodoc) rider development program is a complete system designed to keep a racer functioning at their optimal capacity. The program combines personalized riding technique instruction, the principles of sports chiropractic for injury management and strength optimization with customized diet and nutritional support to keep a person’s body tuned for optimal energy production. In addition, Dr. Mark utilizes a strength and conditioning methodology that develops strength from the core and improves strength and endurance through a maximum muscle recruitment strategy.

A racer needs to function as a well-tuned machine and the protocols practiced and developed by Dr. Mark assure that the human body is tuned to run at maximum efficiency. As an analogy a formula one race car is designed to be the fastest race car on a track. It is the ultimate in design and engineering. Yet, without mechanics to keep it tuned and running at its best, this million dollar race car is a million dollar piece of junk! The human body is much more complex and dynamic than a formula one race car and also needs be tuned to run at peak performance. So my question to you is what do you do to manage your body’s performance levels, fluctuations, ailments and idiosyncrasies?

Dr. Mark brings years of personal racing experience and years of working behind the scenes with racers, from novice to pro, to be in a position to manage injuries, improve health, consult, coach, teach and develop riders through the ups and downs of racing.

Some of the racers Dr. Mark has worked with:

Colton Haaker (pro enduro-cross/motocross), Ricky Rinauro (pro supercross/motocross), Brian and Pat Garrahan (pro off road), Brian Sperle (pro off road), Jordan Brandt (pro off road), David Gassin (pro motocross), Brooke Hodges (pro off road), Cassie and Kalie Creson (pro-am motocross), Jennifer Burton (pro-am motocross), Billy Russell (pro off road), Jeff Northrop (pro motocross), Augie Rodriguez (pro motocross), Chris Laredo (pro motocross), Danny Palladino (pro-am motocross), Nick Wey (pro motocross), Eric McCrummen (pro motocross), Rodney Smith (pro offroad), Nathan Kanney (pro offroad), Heather Wilson (pro off road), Homero Diaz ( mexican nat’l champ), Dennis Kritzer (vet pro motocross), Aaron Matson (vet pro motocross), Steve Silvestri ( dist 36 champ), plus over a 100 local racers from District 36, MRANN (Nevada), Over the Hill Gang, Time Keepers MC, Los Altos Dirt Bikers MC, Ghost Riders MC, Dirt Dawgs MC, Salinas Ramblers MC, street club Ghost Mountain Riders MC.