Liver-Gall bladder flush:

The following two protocols are designed to be more specific and less diet based.

Any detox program is good it just depends on what is motivating the person.

If a person is not interested in changing their eating habits, then either of the following might be a better choice over the 21 Day Purification.

Liver-Gall bladder flush

This protocol is the least supplement oriented therefore the least expensive of options. The trade off is that it is very specific in how it is to be applied. Following this protocol the person is on a very fixed time schedule through the day during week three.

Not intended for someone under 25 years of age or with a history of large gall stones.

This is a multi step, time oriented protocol that takes 3 weeks duration.

Week 1-2 entail following a very strict diet plan.
Week 3 entails very little real food intake combined with specific combinations of disodium phosphate, protein and fat consumption through the day at specific time intervals.

This is a very aggressive protocol and not recommended for those with known gall stones.

Liver specific Detox

This is also a 21 day protocol, and does require being on a non specific low carb diet.

This is a supplement specific detox program that consist of taking 8 supplements 3 times a day.

If the goal is to include a full colon detox also then the number of supplements goes up to 11 supplements 3 times a day.

Kidney Cleanse

To consider if dealing with chronic urinary tract, ph balance, fluid balance, kidney disease, renal hypertension, or gout issues.

Kidney detoxification is the simpler of all detox programs, consisting of 2 whole food supplements and 1-2 herbal supplements. Typically a 2-3 week protocol.