Years ago I used to go to local MX tracks and work on people at the races. I soon had a following of racers that saw the advantage of getting worked on before a race. They felt more balanced, breathed easier, felt stronger, and had more endurance. It was nice that people appreciated what I was doing for them. One day I noticed a local pro racer standing 70 ft. away from me wearing a hooded sweat shirt (in 85 deg. weather) looking like he was hiding from someone. Suddenly he came into my canopy ripped off his sweat shirt and wanted me to work on him “really quick”. When I asked him why the spy vs. spy routine, he replied, “I don’t want my competitors to know your working on me”. I realized at that point that what I do really does work.

Monte (15) was a high school football player who had a sprained ankle that never seemed to heal up correctly. He kept tripping and reinjuring it for months after the original injury. After evaluation we determined that all the joints and most of the muscles in that leg were not functioning correctly. We worked on the foot, ankle, knee and hip complex. After a few visits over a few weeks, Monte’s issue had stabilized, his ability to play had improved and he was no longer dealing with constant re-injury.

Jamal (16) was another high school football player. He played offensive line and middle linebacker. He had always dealt with low back pain after practice and games. Along with the PAK style of chiropractic care we put him on a strict core training program. His constant pain after playing has gone away. He now plays at the college level.

Lisa (18) was an all American in high school soft ball. She had a full scholarship to a Div 1 college. During the summer she was in an accident and suffered a major head injury. After a year of rehab she was still not 100%. They were told she would never play ball at the level she once had. While discussing the issue with her father at a function I asked if they had ever taken her for a cranial or upper cervical evaluation. The answer was no. We ended up applying a couple months of Cranial-sacral and upper cervical work. Almost immediately she was showing signs of progressing through to the next level. She soon began playing ball again and continued to progress. She played ball for a local community college and a year later accepted a scholarship to another Div 1 college. She not only made a 100% recovery from her injury she made it back to playing at the highest level of her sport.

Shane (19) was an aspiring pitcher. He played at a local community college. He was struggling with chronic shoulder pain that began to hinder his ability to throw. Scouts were coming to town in two weeks to take a look at him. Using strictly the PAK protocol we worked his shoulder for those two weeks. His throwing arm felt so good by the time the scouts arrived he actually added 3 mph to his fast ball. He got picked up by an east coast div 2 team and eventually got drafted by the White sox.

Kelly (16) is local soccer player who has been struggling with shin splints for over a year. After 3 sessions of applying extremity adjusting, deep facial work combined with some lymphatic drainage techniques her legs have improved significantly. She now enjoys playing again.

Devin (18) plays club hockey. After a massive check into the boards he though he broke his ribs. X-rays were negative, but he kept having problems and didn’t feel right for a couple months. He went through 6 physical therapy sessions with no improvement. After 2 sessions of adjusting his spine and ribcage the problem went away, one thing he didn’t realize until after, was that his breathing was so much easier than when he was hurt.

Chris (45) is an ex pro soccer player who still plays club ball. His low back had gotten so bad he was beginning to think about not playing anymore. We determined that he had two partially degenerated low back discs and his low back muscles were impacted with scar tissue which limited his low back mobility. Using the PAK model the process for him was very intense. Along with nutrition and meridian therapy for his intestines, kidneys and disks, we treated the scar tissue, corrected alignment of the spine and lower extremities and reset the muscle balance through his low back, hip girdle and legs. Once we felt muscle balance was stable we followed with proper strengthening of the core. He progressively felt better after each session and after 6 months of care he felt great and was playing better than he had in years.

Pat (48) suffered a major concussion during a crash on his dirt bike. Single and living alone he sat in front of the tv for weeks, he did not follow through with his post injury care and did very little exercise. This was his idea of rest and recovery. A friend of his, deeply concerned brought him into this office and stated “this is not the Pat that I know”. Pat was very stoic, very stiff, walked very guarded and had poor balance. Using the PAK protocols we started treatment. Each session the focus changed based on how he presented that day. The one thing that was constant each session was a combination of movement/balance patterns and laser therapy with the intent of reprograming his brain and reflex patterns. The first month progress was slow, but for the next 3 months he saw marked improvement. After 6 months Pat was no longer stoic, his appointments were filled with jokes and comic relief. The old Pat had returned.