About Dr. Lucas:

Dr. Mark Lucas, D.C. is a chiropractor, Extremity Specialist and clinical nutritionist located in the Willow Glen community of San Jose, California.

Dr. Lucas graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic College in 2001 and utilizes a chiropractic style known as Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK). With the PAK frame work Dr. Lucas is proficient in several techniques such as cold laser therapy, nutritional therapy, cranial sacral, TMJ, extremity adjusting, meridian therapy, activator technique, including soft tissue techniques like strain – counterstrain, active release, passive release and fascial stripping.

Combining chiropractic technologies Dr. Mark has developed treatment protocols that exceed the normal treatment standards. The average client obtains 80 to 90 percent improvement in half the treatment time of standard chiropractic protocols.

In addition Dr. Lucas has completed certifications in treating extremity injuries and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Mark consults with top motocross and off-road motorcycle racers, professional golfers, X-Game gold medalists, tri- athletes, marathon runners, adventure racers, endurance cyclists, baseball, football, soccer and tennis players and is a featured health columnist for the regional website Norcalmotocross.com.

About This Office:

Chiropractic is probably the most misunderstood profession in the world. Like medical doctors there are several techniques and specialties that chiropractors can use and specialize in. For several years, Dr. Mark has used Professional Applied Kinesiology, which is a system of protocols that works with in the Complimentary Alternative Medicine architecture. Breaking components of this health care strategy into more definitive pieces, Dr. Mark operates in a Pillar of Health model.

What does that mean to you? What ever the ailment walking into this office the objective is to correct the problem and restore functional balance. Whether the problem is low back pain, neck pain, a shoulder injury from a fall, chronic knee pain, head aches, digestive or glandular disorders, metabolic issues, blood sugar and weight management issues or Post Surgical Recovery we will assess the situation, and determine the correct alternative medicine techniques to naturally treat the problem. Most treatment programs are performed in office and include “at home tasks” to support long term correction of the problem.

Some of the techniques used in this office include: Professional Applied Kinesiology(PAK), Extremity Adjusting, Cold Laser Therapy , Cranial-Sacral, Activator, Diversified Adjusting, Drop Table adjusting, Upper Cervical Specific, Active Release, Passive Release, Strain-Counter strain, Nutritional Response Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, Neural Emotional Technique, Hammer Fascial Release (aka Graston), Deep Tissue Therapy, Thai Massage, Functional Sports Taping, and Strength and Endurance Conditioning.

If you are interested in a consultation about how this health care strategy may improve your life call:
Dr. Mark at 408-294-4074 or email at drmark@proactivhealthcare.net